Add A Little Color And Pattern To A Room With Throw Pillows!

Add A Little Color And Pattern To A Room With Throw Pillows!

Throw pillows are one of the most versatile tools in an interior designer’s arsenal. Decorative throw pillows bring cohesiveness to a room’s color palette and design scheme, while making the space more interesting visually and balancing it out beautifully.

Cushions and pillows can soften the intense looks of a leather sofa or enhance a wingback chair with a solid splash of color. Changing the pillows is an economical and straightforward way of alternating the color and design plan of a room. Purchase new accent pillows and then throw them anywhere, fromĀ  shaped throw pillows your sofa to your chaise lounge. House decor becomes simpler, easier and faster with the right decorative pillows.

Decorating with Throw Pillows

Arrange Them Right

Decorative pillows should be arranged in odd numbers, with three, five or seven pillows in a set. These can vary in design, size or pattern for a more eclectic and modern look. Just make sure to stay within the same color family when buying your decorative pillows.

Vary the shapes and sizes of your cushions. Adding a contrasting shape or size into a pillow grouping give it an interesting character and draws the eyes. For example, place an oblong pillow in the center of a couch surrounded by squares on either side. Similarly use single round pillows on living room chairs.

Experiment with Fabric and Color

Contrast your throw pillows’ textures and textiles for a delicate mix with some rich vibes. Plush velvets, smooth silks and luxurious premium cowhides and faux furs, can all become a part of the same grouping. Pair stripes and plaids or combine geometrical pillows with floral designs. When it comes to color selection, make sure your choice compliments the other accents in the space. Decide on a color that’s common in the room’s theme. It’s alright if you can’t find an exact match, a slight deviation adds natural contrast to the room.