FarmVille Hay Bales – The Best Way to Level Up

FarmVille Hay Bales – The Best Way to Level Up

Feed parcels are those roughage solid shapes which are introduced in an assortment of shadings. You shouldn’t underrate these little things. Independently they may not be so significant, yet when utilized together then can have a large number of uses.

They are available as an enhancement thing. Assuming that you place them together, you can make drawings, involving every one of them as a shaded “pixel”. You might in fact compose a name by shaping letters with them. You can likewise make an enormous attracting like cross paper straws fasten when you see it from the distance.

Assuming you search on the web, you will be astonished at the assortment of unique drawings individuals make at their homesteads with this single FarmVille thing.

The Artful Use

Assuming that you need you might utilize them to frame an enormous picture yet this can cost you a piece. Envision what it resembled assuming it were in pixels. The more it has, the better quality presents. It’s exactly the same thing in here, to make a decent picture, you ought to purchase loads of them and fill a major region to accomplish a pleasant impact. These Farmville feed bunches are introduced in ten distinct shadings: dark, dim, white, violet, blue, pink, red, orange, green and yellow. Each costs 125 coins with the exception of the “standard” feed parcel, the yellow one, which just costs you 100 coins.

The Best Way to Level Up

Roughage bundles are an incredible asset to step up in FarmVille. They are the least expensive thing, and you can get them and win 5 XP for every one. For every one you sell you’ll get 5 coins for the “standard” roughage parcel. It resembles assuming you were exchanging 95 coins for 5 XP. Utilizing this method you can accelerate your course of step up, saving you crafted by furrowing, cultivating and reaping your yields. Recall this: 95000 coins gets you 5000 XP. Not terrible, ah?


The stacking stunt is truth be told a deception, as though the roughage bundles are put on top of one another, however they are not. It’s impractical to stack things on FarmVille, however you can apply this stunt. You simply need to situate your roughage bunches near one another, and leave between them a little space. This space simply must be to the point of concealing the grass under them.