Reality with regards to Shisha Revealed

You might be wondering whether Hookah or Shisha has the same effects like an ordinary cigarette or not. It is highly popular in most Arab countries and they have their unique version of a tobacco water pipe which is called as a Shisha or Hookah. It has been become a part of their old tradition. Not only in Arabian countries but Hookah is very popular in countries like India,Guest Posting Turkey, Egypt also. You might be a eager to know what it is actually.

Shisha or Hookah is a decorated tall pipe which is filled with colored and flavored water . A tobacco wrapped with a thin foil is kept on the top of it. And at the top of everything, a heated coal is kept. It is usually managed by filtering the water and heating up the tobacco in an indirect way. It has gained a huge popularity in most of the Arab countries. You can smoke it with different types of fruits and obviously with tobacco also. Before preparing, all you need to do is select the particular flavor.

Most of the people have a common belief that it is less harmful than a cigarette but it is completely a wrong conception . You should definitely not believe this because medical organization like WHO has already done a thorough research on it and they found it is more dangerous for our health rather than a cigarette. A Hookah produces a lot more smoke than a normal cigarette and it takes a long span of time to finish it completely. When hookah you are smoking a Hookah, you are inhaling toxic gases, harmful compounds and some heavy metals and they could be a cause to pulmonary or cardiac problems. Water in the Shisha pipe only does not filter the smoke; rather it just absorbs the nicotine. The effects of smoking shisha pipe is more dangerous than a cigarette.

A habit of having hookah in a regular wise could really create some serious health problems which are often more crucial than having a cigarette. An hour of continuous hookah session is just equal like having 100-200 cigarette one after one without no gap. Another negative side of smoking it is- it is very unhygienic and unhealthy when more than two people are sharing it. One could develop a significant pulmonary complication by passing the Shisha pipe another and another. Inhaling the smoke when another person else is having a session is same like passive smoking. That is why if you want to stay away from this smoke then you should avoid any kind of Hookah cafe or bar.