The Advanced Bodybuilder’s Perfect Home Gym

The Advanced Bodybuilder’s Perfect Home Gym

Every bodybuilder would make the most possible progress by training in a fully equipped professional gym with a wide variety of weights, benches, machines, cables, and cardio equipment. However, due to things like schedule, work and family demands, and the fact that many of us just don’t live near a gym, that can’t always happen. Can a bodybuilder develop to advanced level using only a home gym? The answer is yes, provided the gym is stocked intelligently.

There are a few basics for every home gym, and the cost of these will likely reach one to two thousand dollars for everything. But when one considers the advantages – complete privacy, convenience, and never having to pay a membership fee again – it can be a very good investment.

Power cage

At a cost of under $200, this machine is useful for squatting testolone sarm safely. Get one.

Chin bar/Dip machine

Available from Sports Authority for $120 or so, this station allows the bodybuilder to complete chest dips, chin-ups, and wide-grip pullups.

Adjustable bench with leg attachment

This is essential, at a cost of under $200 Flat and incline bench press, lying leg curls and leg extensions, as well as all free weight barbell and dumbbell movements

Olympia weight set

A 300 pound weight set (found many places for around $100) should suffice most lifters. Purchase additional 45 pound plates as needed.


Adjustable dumbbells are available at high costs. Plain hex dumbbells run about .25 per pound. Pick up more as you grow into them!

Rubber floor mat tiles

Purchased at any Wal-Mart for around $20, these will protect the floor from damage incurred with movements like the deadlift, as well as anytime a weight is dropped.

CD Player

One of the boons of working out at home is that you don’t have to settle for soft rock piped out of the gym house stereo system, and you don’t have to worry about tangled wires or dead batteries with an mp3 player. You can listen to whatever you want at whatever volume you choose.

Remember, this is a huge investment, so don’t tackle it until you know you can commit to it. Buy quality, as this equipment can last you a li