What Diet is the Best?

What Diet is the Best?

“What diet is the best” is not only a question I hear all the time, but I had the same exact question. We probably ask this question because we have tried so many diets that promised weight loss but we gained it all back and then some.

After trying and failing so many times, we think that we were meant to be over weight or we are failures at dieting. Yet, we continue to the next big thing and believe this will be the one that will give me my health, body, and self esteem back, only to be disappointed again.

Without getting too deep with my circumstances or experiences Phentermine 37.5 over the counter with diets, I would say my troubles started in my twenties. Many times, I would only be able to find time to eat once. Since it was at night, I was starving, so I ate a big meal. There were other times where I could grab a bite to eat from a vending machine and other times from fast food restaurants. I did not have a noticeable weight gain and I felt fine.

Towards my thirties, I realized I had a weight problem. I had gained weight and was unable to lose the weight. I still had a lot of my bad eating habits but I had the time to eat three meals a day. I was now more conscious about what I was eating and I signed up at a gym. After struggling through counting calories, counting fat, different diet plans, and exercising, I did manage to lose most of the weight.

After having my second child, I gained over 50 pounds. For a while, I went back to my bad eating habits and then I started going back to the counting calories, different diet plans, and the whole losing weight routine. I tried diets and diet products that claimed to rev up my metabolism because from